Children’s Parties

Right! This is fairly straightforward to help with! The following information can be used as a general pricing guide.

​A Standard Children’s Disco costs £180

This Price covers a Worcestershire Party for 1 Birthday Person plus up to 49 Children for a 2 hour disco, consisting of an Hour and a Half of Entertainment and a Half Hour break for food. Of course we can cater for more, but this is the base price and what is covered.

  • Sufficient sweets for every child for taking part in the games are included in the price.
  • Prizes, medals, stickers, pass the parcel and a 2 min burst of snow are also included in this price and additional prizes are not required
  • There is also a Confetti Canon system provided, as well as a photography screen to make wishing happy birthday and blowing out the candles that bit more special!

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